Soal Try Out Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP/MTs 2024 Soal Try Out Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP/MTs 2024

Pada postingan kali ini akan membahas terkait soal try out ujian sekolah mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP/MTs tahun 2024. 

Kumpulan soal try out ujian sekolah Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 SMP/MTs 2024 ini terdiri dari 20 nomer pilihan ganda yang telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Sehingga bagi para orang tua akan lebih mudah dalam membimbing dan memandu putra pitrinya ketika belajar mengerjakan soal try out ujian sekolah mata pelajaran bahasa inggris ini.

Dan untuk kunci jawaban dari soal try out ujian sekolah mata pelajaran bahasa inggris adalah option yang bercetak tebal.


Untuk soal nomor 1 sampai dengan 20, pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat dengan menghitamkan bulatan () pada huruf A, B, C atau D pada lembar jawaban!

1. “Komodo dragons actively hunt their praise during the day.”

From the underlined phrase we can say that Komodo dragon belongs to ... animals.

A. nocturnal         C. domestic

B. diurnal D. tame

Reading text 7 for answering questions numbers 2 to 6.


A donkey and a rabbit were good friends. One evening, they were looking for some food. After walking for some time, they finally found a watermelon field .After making sure that there was nobody around, they went into the field. The donkey directly ate a juicy watermelon. He finished it quickly. Then, he recklessly went to another watermelon, and ate it. He ate a lot of watermelons until he felt full.

“Oh, I feel like I want to sing a song, ”said the donkey merrily.

“No! You are going to wake the farmer ,”warned the rabbit.

But, the reckless donkey did not listen to the rabbit. It started to sing a song loudly. Knowing that he could not stop the donkey, the rabbit left him alone in the watermelon field.

The donkey kept singing and singing until the farmer came up to him, and ...,”Wham!” the farmer caught the donkey and tied him to the fence. The rabbit was hiding behind a big tree, he saw what was happening. When the farmer left the field, the rabbit released the donkey. The donkey realized his mistake and thanked the rabbit.

2. How did the donkey feel when he saw so many watermelons in the field?

A. Sad         C. Surprised

B. Touched D. Overjoyed

3. “Then he recklessly went into the watermelon field...”

The underlined word is closest in meaning to ... .

A. Carefully         C. Responsibly

B. Proudly D. Thoughtlessly

4. What can we learn after we have read the story ?

A. Stealing is forbidden

B. Singing is a dangerous thing to do 

C. Be careful before you pick watermelons from other people’s field.

D. We have to think very carefully before doing / deciding something.

5. “When the farmer left the field, the rabbit released the donkey.”

The bold - typed word is similar in meaning to ... .

A. Escape C. Reported

B. Set free         D. Supported

6. What is the purpose of writing the text ?

A. To give detailed information to customers

B. To persuade people to appreciate fables

C. To describe a donkey in general

D. To entertain people with fables

Reading text 8 for answering questions no. 7 to 10.



1. 750 grams banana                 5. 1 teaspoon salt

2. 200 grams whole wheat flour         6. 450 ml water

3. 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 7. 125 grams rice flour

4. 2 tablespoon palm sugar         8. Cooking oil


1. First cut bananas into square small pieces about 1 centimeter

2. Mix all flour, turmeric powder, salt, palm sugar, water

3. Then stir until mixture

4. Add banana into flour dough

5. Using a table spoon make spoon full balls

6. After that drop them into the saucepan

7. … fry them for about 4 minutes or until lightly brown

7. The text is written to ... .

A. Share ideas about bananas

B. Tell about the ingredients needed to make fried bananas

C. Tell about the way of how to make fried bananas

D. Promote fried bananas as   alternative food.

8. What should we do after we cut bananas into square small pieces?

A. Fry them until they are done

B. Add bananas to flour dough

C. Stir them until they are mixed evenly

D. Mix all flour, turmeric powder, salt, palm sugar and water.

9. The correct word to complete step 7 is ... .

A. After that C. Next

B. Firstly         D. Finally

10. Why do you think we use turmeric powder in making fried bananas ?

A. To make our fried bananas taste delicious

B. To make our fried bananas easy to cook

C. We use it as the substitute of salt

D. We use it because it is cheap and available everywhere.

Reading text 9 for answering questions numbers 11 to 13.

Green Miles West

The substitution of “West” in our name replacing “California” is the result of an agreement we reached with California Gardening Association, following a protest over the original use of “California” in our name.

We hope this does not create any confusion among our loyal customers. While this represent a change from our initial name introduction, it does not change the quality of products we offer our customers

11. The company assures its customers that they will always maintain the ... of their products.

A. Quality C. Price

B. Quantity         D. Sale

12. The name “Green Miles West” is ... .

A. A new name that is given to Green Miles California

B. A new name that is given to the share holders

C. A new name that deals with California Gardening Association

D. A new product being advertised by California Association.

13. The announcement is written to ... .

A. Introduce a new manager of a company.

B. Avoid any confusion among its loyal customers

C. Inform publicly about its budget report

D. Inform publicly about  growth level a company has achieved

Reading text 10 for answering questions no. 14 to 17.

On last Wednesday, I’ve got unforgettable experience. The day before, I played game on-line until 00.00 am. Because of that I woke up late.

It was about 7.30 am and the class would be started at 8.00 am. I ran to bathroom to take a bath. I used to have breakfast before leaving home, but on that day It was impossible.

I always rode motorcycle to go. But what an amazing thing happened, I forgot where I put the key. So, I went to campus by public transportation. Of course, it took longer time. I arrived at 8.15 am, I hurried to get to class but I saw my lecturer standing in front of the class to teach. I entered my classroom and you know what, he was angry to me and didn’t let me join his material.

It was my bad experience and I hoped I would not do that again.

14. What can we learn from the text ?

A. We have to have breakfast every morning

B. We have to obey our lecturer’s regulation

C. We have to be able to manage our time properly

D. We have to play game on- line with friends.

15. Why did the lecturer not let the writer get into the classroom? Because ... .

A. The lecturer had just finished his teaching materials

B. The writer came late to attend  the lecture on that day

C. The lecturer was so disappointed with the writer

D. The writer forgot where he put his motorbike

16. What should the writer do to avoid being late again to his campus?

A. He should not play games too often 

B. He should  go to bed earlier and get focused with his study

C. He should ensure that his motorbike is in a good condition.

D. He should set an alarm before he gets to bed.

17. lecturer – The writer’s – angry – because – was – late – he –came – classroom – the –    to

       1                2              3          4             5        6      7        8             9             10      11   

The best arrangement of the words to make a a good and meaningful sentence is ... .

A. 2-1-5-3-4-7-8-11-10-9-6

B. 7-5-3-4-2-1-8-11-10-9-6

C. 4-2-1-8-11-10-9-6-7-5-3

D. 7-5-3-4-2-8-1-10-11-6-9

18. Look at the warning below.

What do you think we should do after reading the warning ?

A. We should obey the warning in whatever  condition we are

B. We should pay no attention to such a warning

C. We should share our cigarettes with other guys

D. We should enjoy our cigarettes in public places.

Read the song lyrics below to answer questions numbers 19 and 20.

 “You Raise Me Up” 

Singer : Josh Groban

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary

When troubles come and my heart burdened me

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence

Until you come and sit awhile with me

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up ... to more than I can be

19. What is the theme of the song ?

A. A  social life

B. A love story

C. A motivation

D. A nature lover

20. “ When I am down and ,oh my soul, so weary”

“When troubles come and my heart burdened me”

From the lyric we know that the writer ... .

A. is sad

B. is doubting her or himself

C. feels  so frustrated about his life

D. is so pessimistic about his or her life

Demikian pembahasan soal try out ujian sekolah bahasa inggrus kelas 9 SMP/MTs 2024. Semoga soal try out ujian sekolah mata pelajaran bahasa inggris SMP/MTs ini bermanfaat.

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